Elpro Energy Conversion Center

Elpro GmbH is one of the leading suppliers of control, automation and energy technology. According to Elpro GmbH, the next 10 years will be a technical revolution in the use of earth energy resources. This is accompanied by the fact that in future a strong individualisation of products and solutions can be expected in the energy sector as well. Customers and business partners must be directly involved in business and value added processes. With intelligent monitoring and decision-making processes, entire value-added networks are to be controlled and optimized. These future projects are generally summarized under the keyword Industry 4.0.

Elpro EPC Berlin meets these challenges and sees a perspective in tailor-made, energy-efficient and technology-open solutions for energy generation from standardized, factory-made system components. These consist of building modules for the use of fossil energies as well as building modules for the use of regenerative energies and for the storage of energy. Our know-how lies in the sensible combination and the fusion of the components in an Elpro ECC or Elpro Energy Conversion Center. We accompany you competently and safely from the planning phase to completion.